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Minibus driver in Poland, Rzeszow with B cat. driving licence

Your candidacy will be considered after filling out the form: 

We will contact you. Thank You

Job description

When taking into account:


1. driving experience (at least 2 years of active driving experience);

2. the conversational level of Polish and English (the ability to understand the interlocutor and support the topic of conversation);

3. physical training.


Working conditions:

1. About 160 working hours per month. Hours are paid at 17.5 pln  / hour before taxes. There is a possibility of additional earnings.

2. Driving a transport Renault Master tilt (driving license category B).



1. provides a paid room in the house (two - three people in a room, there are several bedrooms in the apartments, a full set of household appliances, the necessary dishes, bedding);

2. pays taxes;

3. Salary once a month on the card. The salary level depends on the workload.

Medical examination at your own expense.


The manager distributes tasks depending on orders for the day

+ Delivery of products from the warehouse to companies in Poland territory. 

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