Construction employee In Poland, Rzeszow

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Job description

When taking into account:


1. A builder with experience (various types of work) : masonry rough, facing, foam blocks, tongue-and-groove blocks;clinker;installation of tiles

2. the conversational level of Polish or English (the ability to understand the interlocutor and support the topic of conversation);

3. physical training.

4. driving experience (at least 2 years of active driving experience);

5. it is desirable to have a mason's certificate;


6. it is desirable to see a photo of your work;


7. candidate age up to 45 years;


8. experience in the construction of private houses;

9. without bad habits (drinkers will be fired without paying wages)


Working conditions:

1. About 160 working hours per month. Hours are paid at 6 euros / hour. after taxes. There is a possibility of additional earnings.

2. We provide work clothes and all necessary equipment.


1. provides a paid room in the house (two - three people in a room, there are several bedrooms in the apartments, a full set of household appliances, the necessary dishes, bedding);

2. pays taxes;

3. Salary once a month on the card. The salary level depends on the workload, the average salary of our employees is from 1,000 euros per month. From this amount from 70 euros per month for food.

Medical examination at your own expense.


To carry out work adhering to all safety requirements.